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Promo Road Show 2016


Ram System also marked the presence of the PROMOROADSHOW at the Marche stage this year
The usual appointment dedicated to the presentation of products and services in the promotional world took place on Thursday 24 March in the location of the Federico II hotel in Jesi. From the latest arrival at Roland, the new LEF-300 with UV technology and features that make it unique in its kind in print quality and processing speed, to performing and now of consolidated reliability: the SP -540 with technology eco-solvent a printing and cutting machine with extreme versatility that allows the use of various materials. To make exclusive clothing items, the new Siser products were used, these were applied with the use of a press and allowed the fast and original customization of different fabrics. To introduce users to all possible applications, Ram System organizes a Siser course in April at its headquarters.
Ram System does not miss the opportunity to generate concrete training and information opportunities. Satisfied with the presence of communication agencies, customers and distributors on its stand, Ram System thanks its visitors for taking part in this day.

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